Bamboo balance bike for kid

* Promotion price only applies to Vietnam market


Length x Width x Height

890mm x 410mm x 550mm

Wheel diameter

12 inch


Pressed bamboo


2K scratch resistant paint technology

Seat height


Load capacity


Net Weight



Natural color of bamboo


5 years for frame

An idea inspired by creativity that comes from nature creates a masterpiece full of elements that make it different. Trevi Bike was born from the best natural bamboo raw material area in Vietnam with a vision to create a green lifestyle for everyone, contributing to the sustainable development of the world.

Trevi Bike is made up by dreamy but realistic minds of the research and development team, created under the skillful hands of skilled and well-trained workers during a sophisticated process. It takes 20 stages from selecting the most solid and stable male bamboo trunks to be the material until joining the workpieces and grinding them into frames with the yellow color of natural bamboo.

Thanks to that, Trevi Bike shows off a resilient, indomitable beauty but extremely elegant, supple as the way we wish to honor the beauty of customers when experiencing with Trevi Bike. The journey in each trip of the user will be covered by different emotional levels of being immersed in nature, living up with your emotions and personality.
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